takamul al khaleejya

General Trading ,gold and Jewelry
There is a proven fact a long time ago is that the national economy Aigom not evolve, but demolished by the nation and the young sons and his ambitions. Integration GCC Foundation and a national organization that works in all Construction and Building Materials Trading Widgets safety and commercial fields. Engineers and the number of building paints and equipment as well as working in the field of contracting and construction work.

Latest projects

A set of special projects
We offer you a range of projects that have been completed and those who made it far future Almusharaya ensure that we provide constant communication between us and our customers to view all new to be able to follow all the new projects in all the different areas.

Success Partners

A group of Success Partners
We offer you a range of our valued customers and partners who are successful We are always happy and proud of their service and are proud of their trust us.